Girl Sessions

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Birthed during the Pandemic of 2020. Girl Sessions is a play on words. Grammy Award winning Producer and Musician, Robb Tripp, husband of Founder, Shanda Tripp and Award winning keyboard artist, Jonny Brown, Husband of COO Crystal Brown are both Nashville, Studio Union musicians. They work on “sessions“,  usually  all men.  Crystal and Shanda decided to start their own “sessions“.  A Place to give ladies a voice. A place to get inspired, share valuable  information and conversation. A place to meet a friend and never feel alone. Everyone Matters in a Girl Session
After over a year of going Live on all social media. Starting on their cell phones. God has assembled an amazing, talented team who all share the vision to feed the poor and help the Orphans. It is outstanding what can happen when people  are willing to serve a greater vision and  work together to create something special. Our team is truly The Best. 
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