Love Pack Donation


Donate a Love Pack today!


For a small donation of only $50, we will give a foster child a new backpack/duffle bag containing numerous necessities we do not think twice about having.  Things like a tooth brush, tooth paste, pajamas, socks, and much more.

The children need our help as they are moved from foster home to facility to another foster home.  Many times late at night or in the early hours of morning.  Most of the time, their belongings are thrown into a trash bag for them to carry.  Obviously, things are left behind or just plain lost in the shuffle.

Please help us get more Love Packs into the hands of these foster children. Remember, they are not in the foster program by choice.

*Please note: You will not receive a Love Pack from us. We are blessed to have very good acquaintances in the foster program. These fine people allow us to personally take the Love Packs to them.